February 2012

Tips for Cooking Deer Meat

Whether you’re an avid deer hunter or simply like to purchase venison from a meat locker, you may be concerned about the meat’s gamey taste.  If left unchecked, deer meat can be unappetizing for people who are not used to the flavor, and might also be difficult to chew. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to reduce the gamey flavor of deer meat so that it tastes more like traditional beef or pork does.

When you are choosing deer meat, it’s important to select the leanest cuts available. Extra fat or gristle can contribute to the gamey flavor and chewiness of the meat once it’s cooked. If you’re buying this meat from a meat locker, the butcher there will likely do this upon request. If you’re doing this yourself, it’s easier to do while the meat is still frozen.

Planning Ahead

Looking for ways to save time when preparing meals? By cooking up large quantities of meat ahead of time, you can make meal preparation much easier. Best of all you can also save money by buying in bulk while resisting the temptation to eat out whenever you’re in a hurry.

Meat Lockers-An Old Idea that's New Again

With the increase in food prices, many people are rediscovering food lockers. This fact along with the trend toward buying locally-produced meat has caused new meat lockers to spring up in many small towns throughout the Midwest. It seems that buying meat in bulk from a meat locker not only saves money but makes people feel good as well. This is because they can be more confident about the quality of meat they buy while helping local farmers as well.