Transitioning to Turkey

Transitioning to Turkey

Even small changes can add up to be big

Using ground turkey in place of beef is one way to reduce fat intake while also saving money.  While it is easy to substitute turkey for hamburger, getting used to the taste may take some time. Combining these two meats can allow you to acquire a taste for ground turkey while saving you money and promoting good health.

Begin by adding around ¼ pound of ground turkey to each pound of hamburger. Brown each type of meat in a separate skillet until it is thoroughly cooked. Next you may drain the turkey and then add it to the skillet that contains the ground beef. Warm the turkey and ground beef together on low heat, taking care to mix and stir the two until they are thoroughly combined.

An ideal way to use this combination is to make chili or tacos. This is because when seasoning is added to the mixture, it can further help to blend these meats together.  This is especially true if you are using a crock pot because the turkey and hamburger can absorb the flavor of any other ingredients such as onions or tomato juice.

Once you are comfortable with using this mixture, you can gradually increase the amount of turkey in each pound of ground beef.  After doing this for a few weeks you may continue combining these meats or make the leap to using only ground turkey in many of your recipes.  Since ground turkey normally does not contain artificial dyes, even a small change can be beneficial to your overall health.